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dual ports


is there a way to add tagged vlans to port without VLAN1 interruption?

if I do

vlan N

tagged ethe x/x/x

(oops, we lost VLAN1 on that port)

int ethe x/x/x


(here we get VLAn1 back)

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Re: dual ports

Yes you are right, You can tag vlans on a port and when you add dual mode 1 command under that interface you have vlan 1 (default vlan) passing untagged on the same port.

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Re: dual ports

vlan 1 is the default vlan.  When you add any vlan to a port that is in vlan 1 the port is by design taken out of vlan 1.

If you want to use vlan1 you can trychanging the default vlan to something other than 1 and then put the desired ports back into vlan 1.

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