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creating lag 'name' dynamic throwing error

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Read the manual and watched the video...  Step one create the lag, and I get a failure. This is on an ICX7150, SPR 08061a.bin Version:08.0.61aT213



Brocade Annex(config)#lag ToMain dynamic
Error: can't find LAG with name ToMain
Brocade Annex(config)#


Any thoughts?



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Re: creating lag 'name' dynamic throwing error

The command to create the lag needs to indlude the LAG ID, for example


Switch(config)#lag ToMain dynamic id auto


To get back to the LAG configuration later you don't need the LAG ID


Switch(config)#lag ToMain




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Re: creating lag 'name' dynamic throwing error

You also no longer need to specify the deploy keywords or the primary port.


Simply seelct the ports you want to be a member for example


conf t

lag ToMain dynamic id auto

Switch(config-lag-ToMain)#ports ethe 1/1/1 ethe 1/1/2


Whatever works.


Then if you want to use it as a trunk, add it as a tagged interface on a VLAN, and it will carry taht VLAN as an 802.1q trunk.



vlan 123 name SOMETHING  by port
tagged lag 1





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