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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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configuration of all Vlan Passing trunking on interface


I am new in brocade , Please help me the configuration of All vlan trunking pass on interfaces , In cisco switch like switch mode trunk.

Another one when i connect to brocade ethernet port to cisco switch ethernet port then it will not up why ???

Any extra configuration is required ?

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Re: configuration of all Vlan Passing trunking on interface

Simple, just think backwards from Cisco.


If you have 3 vlans on your switch and you want to use port 48 as your "trunk", then go into each vlan and tag the interface.


conf t

vlan 3

tag eth 1/1/48

vlan 4

tag eth 1/1/48

vlan 5

tag eth 1/1/48


This effectively makes port 48 a "trunk" as in Cisco "switchport mode trunk" & "switchport trunk allowed vlan 3.4.5"


Just make sure you are tagging or trunkiing the same vlans on the other switch and port you are connected to.


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