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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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bgp conditional advertisement

Does the icx6610 have a command that is similar to the exist-map bgp command in cisco IOS. I want to advertise an aggregate based on the condition of a route coming in from IGP.

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Re: bgp conditional advertisement

Is this what you are looking for ?

By default, the router sends BGP4 routes only for the networks you identify using the network command or that are redistributed into BGP4 from RIP or OSPF. You can specify up to 600 networks.

To specify a network to be advertised, use either of the following methods.

NOTE: The exact route must exist in the IP route table before the Layer 3 switch can create a local BGP route.

To configure the Layer 3 switch to advertise network, enter the following command.



network <ip-addr> <ip-mask>
| |

The <ip-addr> is the network number and the <ip-mask> specifies the network mask.

The nlri multicast | unicast | multicast unicast parameter specifies whether the neighbor is a multicast neighbor or a unicast neighbor. Optionally, you also can specifyunicast if you want the Layer 3 switch to exchange unicast (BGP4) routes as well as multicast routes with the neighbor. The default is unicast only.

The route-map <map-name> parameter specifies the name of the route map you want to use to set or change BGP4 attributes for the network you are advertising. The route map must already be configured.

The weight <num> parameter specifies a weight to be added to routes to this network.

The backdoor parameter changes the administrative distance of the route to this network from the EBGP administrative distance (20 by default) to the Local BGP weight (200 by default), thus tagging the route as a backdoor route. Use this parameter when you want the router to prefer IGP routes such as RIP or OSPF routes over the EBGP route for the network.

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Re: bgp conditional advertisement

Here is the situation I am running into. I have 2 icx 6610's running bgp on the exit point of our network. I am advertising an aggregate to our peers. I am then using ospf redistribute in order to get the aggregate pushed out. I want to be able to transmit the aggregate only if my icx 6610's can reach my internal core via ospf and I want to be able to advertise the aggregate based on if a specific route is reachable from ospf. If the certain route is not reachable I want the aggregate from the icx 6610 to stop advertising the aggregate. With cisco, you can apply a route map that uses "exist-map" in order to provide this type of functionality. I was wondering if there was an equivalent brocade command.

I ended finding another solution which involves applying a route-map to the redistribute ospf command in bgp in order for the aggregate to be sent out based on certain routes that come into ospf and ignoring others that would fall under the aggregate.

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Re: bgp conditional advertisement

Hello Javier,

Could you please share with us the "other solution" you found out?

I'm trying to achieve the same kind of thing.

Thanks in advance.

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