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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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assigning ports to vlans

Hello all,


I am relatively new to Brocade.  We are installing a new wireless system, and I need to trunk all the uplinks on switches that pass wireless network traffic.  Here's what I am running into:


First, I create the vlans and vlan interfaces on the router so...

vlan 400 name WiFi

tagg ethe 1/3/1 eth 1/3/3

interface vlan 400

ip address


Then I go to a secondary switch and configure the uplink..


vlan 400 name WiFi

tag ethe 1/2/1


At this point, I get an error - port is not member of default vlan.  


So I try adding it to vlan 1, and get the error "are already a member of vlan 1"


There is also a vlan 4000 with the name "Default_VLAN" but the tagged command doesn't appear to be available in it.


Any help is appreciated, thanks.



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Re: assigning ports to vlans



Be aware the default vlan is untagged only. All ports are placed in the default vlan by default. You can change the vlan WIFI to by port.

vlan 400 by port


You can set the default vlan to 4000.

default-vlan-id 4000


Do you want dual-mode? So, so it will always be a member of the default vlan?


Please review the layer 2 guide on the brocade website for the version of code you are running. This will help you get a better understanding of how brocade handles vlans and ports.





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Re: assigning ports to vlans

Hello Anthony,


It looks like someone has set your default vlan to be 4000. 


To resolve your particular problem of not being able to tag VLAN 400 onto Ethernet 1/2/1 you would need to remove vlan 1 from eth 1/2/1 - I am thinking that it will be an untagged member of vlan 1.


To confirm this you can enter


show vlan brief eth 1/2/1


This will show you in a brief format which vlans the interface is a member of.


You can omit the "brief" keyword and it will show you a richer output and show which VLANs it is a member of and whether it is a tagged/untagged or dual mode member of those VLANs


So, asuming that you only need the interface to be a tagged member of VLAN400 you could simply remove it from VLAN1


vlan 1

no untag eth 1/2/1


This should then move it into vlan 4000, at which point you can then tag it into VLAN400.


The last poster raised the question of whether you need dual-mode operation for that interface - in this case the port can be tagged in some vlans and untagged in one other VLAN.  This is a bit more involved, so let us know whether you need this.



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