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Your experience with FastIron SX v5100e?

Hello all.

Could you please give me some feedback on your experience with the FastIron SX software version v5100e?!

Stable or unstable? Any certain issues?

I will only use:

- FSX1600

- L2 Switch code

- two Mgmt modules


- broadcast/multicast/unknown unicast limitation

- link-error-disable


- static and LACP trunks

Thank you for any feedback,


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Re: Your experience with FastIron SX v5100e?

Hi Karl,

     Sorry we skipped ver 5 and 6 and went to 7.2 from 4.x.

     My understanding was version 5 was the first unifired Fastiron release and offered nothing new to the SX raange

     6 was mostly adding FCX range

     7 started to see new features for the SX range (like hitless failover, hitless reload etc)



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