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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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XMR Maintenance procedures?

Have an XMR deployed in the field and customer has asked for a PM procedure to be executed periodically for cleaning/maintenance to avoid any HW issues due to environment..  I haven't really found much about what, if any, type of things should be done regularly to avoid any major issues in the standard documentation set...  Does anyone know if any documentation exists for any type of "annual" procedures that should/may be performed to help preserve the life of the equipment?

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Re: XMR Maintenance procedures?

Hi Kevin,

     Some of the NetIron's have air filters that you should checked/replace once per years.

     Would also recommend doing a "show tech" and checking the output for errors.



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Re: XMR Maintenance procedures?

It should also be noted that even though it won't cause any issues for the device itself, you should power down the device before changing/cleaning the filters. We had a lab device that was neglected for a while and I think my outline is still on the wall from the blow-by that came out of the router.

Ken Penttinen

Limelight Networks

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Re: XMR Maintenance procedures?

Good point mate

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