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Why Ruckus branding?

We just purchased some ICX7450's and ICX7150's and they came Ruckus branded instead of Brocade. Not that its a big deal what logo is glued to the front of the switch but I thought Brocade bought Ruckus and not the other way around, Seems strange.


Also, in the news: "Brocade also announced that it has signed an agreement with Extreme Networks to directly divest its data center switching, routing and analytics business"


So does that mean my next batch of ICX switches will be "Extreme Networks" branded?





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Re: Why Ruckus branding?

Look on the big, white Sticker on the bottom ;-)


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Re: Why Ruckus branding?


The ICX product family is not part of the data center switching, routing and analytics business, so will not be going to Extreme.  The product sets going to Extreme include NetIron, VDX, SLX along with software apps flow optimiser and workflow composer.


Contingent on the Broadcom acquisition of Brocade the ICX/Ruckus business unit is due to be acquired by Arris.  See below for details of this.





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