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What will happen when Huawei SLD64 and SFD64 are equipped with DWDM color interface?


As we know, Huawei SFD64(with out-of-band FEC), can transmit longer distance than regular SLD64 boards.


Typically, Huawei SLD64 can transit 2~80km, with different specification of SFP, and SFD64 can reach to 150~200km, when working with BA/BPA board.


However, do you know what will happen when the two boards are all equipped with DWDM color interface? Yes, We found strangely in Huawei technical document and auto configuration tools that SLD64 can be equipped with 40KM, 80KM two kinds of DWDM color XFP, while SFD64 can only be equipped with 40KM color XFP, that means, even you bought a SFD64 with out-of band FEC. But if you plan to deploy it with DWDM color XFP, you can only equip 40KM XFP, the value of out-of-band FEC doesn’t make effect, such a waste. provides Huawei SLD64 and possesses professional technical team to help clients in configuration and management of equipments. If there’s any problem with your Huawei MSTP equipments, please contact us.


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