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What is the latest version of RX-8 firmware?

New to the BigIron RX and am looking at a long list of Brocade firmware, but can't seem to identify which one I need for the RX-8.  Current version(s) are

Management Module Boot/Monitor 2.7.2aT145, IronWare 2.7.2aT143;

Line Cards Boot/Monitor 2.7.2aT155, IronWare 2.7.2aT157.

If I could get a name for the firmware update or a link it would be much appreciated.


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Re: What is the latest version of RX-8 firmware?

Current version is 2.7.2f - released on the 25th of March 2010.

Unified image name is rx02702f.bin

Unified software image upgrade

BigIron RX software release 02.6.00 and later can be upgraded using the Unified Software Image Upgrade procedure. When copying the image, you must load the

lp-boot and mp-boot. You can set parameters to limit the images being copied and to direct images to be copied to the secondary image location to a later release by doing the following:

Failure to load the

lp-boot and mp-boot when copying the unified image will cause the LP to become stuck in an interactive mode.


Copy the unified software image (rx02702f.bin) from a TFTP server to the switch.

For example, to copy the entire unified software image, the

lp-boot and the mp-boot from a TFTP server at IP address, use the following command.

BigIron RX# copy tftp image rx02702f.bin lp-boot mp-boot


copy tftp image <TFTP-server-ip-addr> <image-name>

The <TFTP-server-ip-addr> variable is the IP address for the TFTP server you are downloading the image from.

The <image-name> variable is the name of the unified software image you want to download to the switch.


lp-boot parameter specifies that you want to download the new interface module boot image.


lp-sec parameter specifies that interface image be copied to the secondary location in flash.


mbridge parameter tells the BigIron RX to copy the MBRIDGE image. It will now include two MBRIDGES; one for BigIron RX-16/8/4 (mbridge21.xsvf) and one for the BigIron RX-32(mbridge32.xsvf).


mp-boot parameter specifies that you want to download the new management module boot image.


mp-sec parameter specifies that management image be copied to the secondary location in flash


Reboot the management module using the reload command.


If you are using SSH v2, you must clear the crypto key using the crypto key zeroize command after you upgrade. Then, regenerate a new crypto key using the crypto key generate command.

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