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Weekly Link Sharing - The Government and Service Providers

As a service provider, how do you view the Government? The Federal Government's actions, from new laws to job initiatives, can have effects on an SP's revenue and business operations. Have you found the Government's influence on your business to be largely positive, largely negative or a mixed bag?

Governments in different countries around the world have been making news recently in ways that may affect SPs. In the US, Obama has instituted an initiative aimed at bringing new jobs to rural areas. The article posits that this initiative, while not targeting SPs directly, could lead to increased business as health care facilities will likely allocate some of their funds to improving their broadband set ups. What do you think of their opinion on the matter?

In the UK, the Government wants to greatly extend broadband offerings to rural areas all across the country. They are investing money to create the necessary infrastructure to do so, but there has been a lack of buy-in from the big SPs so far. How do you view projects like this? Are they great opportunities for SPs to increase the reach of their business, or are the investments required too much for the potential benefits?

SPs in the US and Canada are both facing new laws that could have an influence on their business. In the US, the house has already passed a vote that will require SPs to keep records of visitors' IP addresses for 12 months in an effort to combat child pornography. What effect do you see this law having on service providers' business operations?

In Canada, a bill has been proposed that would make it much easier for law enforcement to demand customer information from SPs. The bill would require a lot of customer information be made available upon request from law enforcement, and would prevent SPs from telling anyone about such requests. Certainly, there are privacy concerns from the end-user viewpoint, but how would such a bill affect SPs?

Feel free to discuss or share any links and stories you may have! This is the place for it.

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