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Weekly Link Sharing - Security in the Cloud

Here are some links and interesting stories from the week that was.

All signs point to the cloud becoming a major force in the near future. More than just hype now, studies are projecting that combined cloud spending for enterprises will reach over $22 billion by 2015. However, as with any new frontier, there are concerns over how it will all work. A big concern for cloud adopters today is security.

Security concerns today capture a wide range. Enterprises are worried about the safety of their data. This piece shows the issue from an enterprise's point of view and ends with a list of questions that all good cloud service providers should be able to answer.

Experts are worried about the uncertainty around international laws and how they will apply to the abstracted data storage situation that clouds provide. Countries have varying laws regarding how long service providers can or have to store their customer's data. The global nature of clouds could put servce providers in a conflicted position depending on which country's laws they have to abide by. This looks like a difficult issue. Do you think international clouds will be possible, or will cloud service providers have to run different clouds for different countries?

Not everyone is holding off on clouds over security concerns however. For example, the US Federal Government thinks security worries are overblown. Do you think that if other customers see clients with very sensitive information, like government entities, using clouds, they will feel more comfortable speeding up their own adoption?

Security isn't the only issue preventing widespread cloud adoption (many enterprises don't have the ideal Ethernet Fabric infrastructure for cloud deployment yet), but it is a big issue. As a cloud service provider, assuaging such concerns will be an important step in spreading the cloud.

Feel free to share any links or thoughts you may have! This is the place for it.

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