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Weekly Link Sharing - On Clouds and Cloud Service Providers

I don't know if you've noticed, but there's been quite the amount of news and discussion about this whole "cloud" thing. Sarcasm aside (although I must say that I, for one, am happy to see much of the cloud talk move from hand-waving fluff to actual substance), considering what's going on with the market for cloud, the high volume of talk certainly makes sense. All around the world in places like Africa and Asia, businesses are looking to the cloud to drive growth and expansion. With high growth rates over the past few years, cloud is a service businesses of all types (SMBs being one example) are becoming comfortable with and looking to spend more of their IT budget on. So, as a service provider, the question becomes what the best way to approach cloud is for you.

With the rush of a large number of new cloud service providers, the answer to that question may lie in differentiating yourself. Of course, me saying that doesn't exactly solve your all problems, does it? The 'how' part is kind of a tough one, and that depends on the type of provider you are or want to be. For example, cloud service providers for law enforcement agencies need to adhere to strict security rules that are difficult for many larger cloud providers to abide by, so focusing on security could be one way to differentiate. Acing the transition from communication service provider to cloud service provider, another difficult proposition, could be another way. What's best for you depends on your current business and target market.

The decision on whether or not to offer cloud services is becoming easier as the cloud picture is becoming clearer. The difficulty now lies more in how best to do so.

If you have a topic you would like for me to cover, let me know!

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