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Weekly Link Sharing - Net Neutrality

The big news this week is that the FCC has moved closer to putting the new net neutrality rulings into effect. The last regulatory hurdles have been cleared and implementation may be coming soon. (That post also contains a link to the actual FCC document, if you're interested).

The US would not be the first country to create net neutrality laws. Chile enacted standards in 2010 and Belgium is looking to become the 2nd nation in the EU to do so with their proposed laws.

Large telecoms like Verizon are already planning to challenge the rulings. Lowell McAdam, Verizon's CEO, believes laws and regulations around net neutrality place a large burden (registration required) on the telecommunications industry. Do you agree? How do you see net neutrality affecting your business operations?

Feel free to share any links or thoughts you may have! This is the place for it.

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