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Weekly Link Sharing - IPv6

Mark your calendars: World IPv6 Launch is coming on June 6th, 2012! After several successful steps towards testing IPv6 functionality (a good rundown here), a date has been set for a number of large ISPs, web companies, and networking equipment manufacturers to permanently enable their products and services for IPv6.

Transitioning to IPv6 is a large task for any organization. There are several options for undergoing the transition, but for many, a dual stack IPv4-IPv6 network may be the best path for the transition. Getting functionality up and running isn't the only concern however. Recently, IPv6 networks have seen their first DDoS attacks (ah, how fast they grow up), so getting security and compliance in order is something organizations would be well served not to overlook.

Progress continues inexorably forward, and I, for one, am encouraged by it. The transition from IPv4 to IPv6 is a monumental one, but there's no reason it shouldn't be as smooth as possible.

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