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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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[WS6240G] configuration synchronization mechanism

Hi all,

From one of my two FWS6240G switches, if I change some configurations then I can see these changes on the rest one in few secs.  Has any one here configure that kind of configuration synchronization on WS6240G before? I can't find it in WS6240S datasheet (also by googling) so I don't think it can work here.

Please help to share your experience about this function: the official web/doc about this function (if have) and how to configure.

Thank you so much!

Rg, Pham Thanh Dong

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Re: [WS6240G] configuration synchronization mechanism

The FWS switches cannot be placed into a stack or do config sync.  Each switch must be configured manually or via BNA (Brocade Network Advisor) - BNA is a management product that you would need to purchase.



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