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Vlans,Uplinks and MSTP

Hi ,


I must say I am new to vlans. I am setting up a datacenter which includes a Brocade ICX 6430 switch. I have a Juniper firewall cluster configured with vlan 4000 as management  vlan connecting to 2 different cisco 3012 switches. I managed to get the Juniper Firewall cluster to communicate with my Cisco 3012 catalyst switches. Now I need to configure my Brocade switch to connect these cisco switches to carry vlan 4000. Apart from vlan 4000 the brocade switch will carry other data vlans but to a separate Netgear switch.


Uptill now I have the below config on both my cisco switches for the uplinks.


Cisco01# interface GigabitEthernet 0/16                                                               Specify the port to be configured, and enter interface configuration mode.( This will connect to Brocade ICX 6430-24)
Cisco01 (config-if)# description Connect to Brocade ICX6430 Switch            Each Port from both cisco switches will provide redundancy
Cisco01 (config-if)# switchport mode trunk                                                            Configure the interface as a VLAN trunk port.
Cisco01 (config-if)# switchport trunk allowed vlan 4000                                     (Optional) Configure the list of VLANs allowed on the trunk.
Cisco01 (config-if)# switchport nonegotiate                                                           To avoid generation of DTP frames which Brocade does not support
Cisco01# end                                                                                                                Return to privileged EXEC mode.
Cisco01# show interfaces GigabitEthernet 0/16 switchport                                 Verify your entries in the Trunking VLANs Enabled field of the display.
Cisco01# show interfaces GigabitEthernet 0/16 trunk                                           Display the trunk configuration of the interface
Cisco01# copy running-config startup-config                                                          (Optional) Save your entries in the configuration file.


The Above config is also done on Cisco02 switch.


On the Brocade switch uptill now I have the below config


Creating Vlans

Brocade01#configure terminal
Brocade01(config)#show vlan
Brocade01(config)#vlan 4000 name mgmt
Brocade01(config)#vlan 4000 by port
Brocade01(config-vlan-4000)#tagged ethernet 1/1/1 to 1/1/16                             Put some ports on Switch to vlan 4000.You can connect any port to Cisco switches trunk ports.
Brocade01(config-vlan-4000)#management-vlan                                                   Make it the management vlan
Brocade01(config-vlan-4000)#ip address
Brocade01(config)#show vlan
Brocade01(config)#write memory



How to create uplinks for Cisco switches ?


want to allot ports 1/1/21 to cisco01 (port 0/16) and 1/1/22 to cisco02 (port 0/16)


Trunk group to Netgear Switch. Is this correct?


Brocade01#configure terminal
Brocade01(config)#trunk ethernet 1/1/23 to 1/1/24                                                 Creation of 2 port Trunk group to Netgear.
                                                                                                                                           Create trunks after cables are disconnected or they will cause STP loops
Brocade01(config)#write memory
Brocade01(config)#trunk deploy                                                                                 Dynamically place the new trunk configuration into effect



MSTP configuration. Is this correct?


Brocade01(config)#mstp scope all
Brocade01(config)#mstp instance 1 vlan 2-250
Brocade01(config)#mstp instance 2 vlan 251-500
Brocade01(config)#mstp instance 3 vlan 501-750
Brocade01(config)#mstp instance 4 vlan 751-1000
Brocade01(config)#mstp instance 5 vlan 1001-1250
Brocade01(config)#mstp instance 6 vlan 1251-1500
Brocade01(config)#mstp instance 7 vlan 1501-1750
Brocade01(config)#mstp instance 8 vlan 1751-2000
Brocade01(config)#mstp instance 9 vlan 2001-2250
Brocade01(config)#mstp instance 10 vlan 2251-2500
Brocade01(config)#mstp instance 11 vlan 2501-2750
Brocade01(config)#mstp instance 12 vlan 2751-3000
Brocade01(config)#mstp instance 13 vlan 3001-3996
Brocade01(config)#mstp instance 14 vlan 3997,4000
Brocade01(config)#mstp instance 15 vlan 3998,3999
Brocade01(config)#mstp instance 1 priority 16384                                                          Check this before u apply config.
                                                                                                                                                     To change the priority of switch and make it secondary root.Netgear will be primary root.
Brocade01(config)#mstp name lethosting
Brocade01(config)#mstp revision 1
Brocade01(config)#mstp admin-pt2pt-mac ethernet 1/1/21 to 1/1/24                           Port which will connect Netgear and Cisco switches with faster convergence
Brocade01(config)#mstp admin-edge-port ethernet 1/1/1 to 1/1/6                                Ports to connect my Management Servers (Win7 PC and x3850 M2 server)
Brocade01(config)#mstp start
Brocade01(config)#show mstp config
Brocade01(config)#write memory


Please help, I am definetly missing quite a bit. 


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