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Vlan creation on a FASX448 with an older OS



I'm not a network savy person but I have configured a few cisco switches a few years back.  We inhereted a foundry FESX448 switch running ver 07.4.01T3e5.  We have a cisco 3750 (L3) that has ports 1-4 trunked with 4 vlans and it's feeding into ports p1-4 on the X448 (L2).


I configured p1-4 as trunked ports and it looks as follows from the sho run:


trunk ethe 1 to 4

 port-name "VLANS 192-195 e1-4" ethernet 1



I've been trying to create only one vlan on this beast for testing, and every trick I know has failed.  I did the following to create a 14 port vlan of 12 untagged ports  and 2 tagged ports (the trunked ones).


vlan 101 name SERVER by port

  tagged the 1 to 4

  untagged ethe 9 to 21



NOTE:  I'm putting in false info for my vlans.


Now, after reading it looks like what this is suppose to do is pull all traffic in the vlan out of my trunked ports from the cisco switch.   the trunk is actually carrying 4 subnets, so my goal is to carve up the switch into 4 pieces using the tagged ports e1-4 in each of the vlans.


I did this and stuck a laptop on p17 and configured an ip of and nothing is pingable.   


A show span command shows e1-4, and p17 in the forwarding state.


I configured int e 17 to be enabled and to  auto negotiation.   A sho run shows:


interface ethernet 17

 port-name SERVER

 spanning-tree 802-1w admin-edge-port



Any suggestions you could make to point me in the right direction would be appreciated.





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Re: Vlan creation on a FASX448 with an older OS



For anyone who's interested.  The solution turned out to be that I needed to use the vlan ID's defined on the L3 (Cisco 3750) switch and not create my own and try to assign an ip-subnet.


Everything else was the same and now things work.....



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Re: Vlan creation on a FASX448 with an older OS

HI @jlh,


Thanks for coming back and posting the solution!

Dennis Smith
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