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View Entire Config

Hi All,

I am new to the Foundry/Brocade world and am coming form more of a Cisco background.

When I do a "show run" on a NetIron MLX, newly out of the box, it does not show me the entire default config. In order to see a port config I have to configure it, enable it, or something of that nature.

Is there a command I can run that allows me to view the entire default config, un-configured ports and all?



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Re: View Entire Config

Hi Michael,

     To my knowlage there is no way to see in the startup config what ports are disbaled.

     The Netiron disbales all ports by default and when doing a 'show run' or 'show config' this implied disable must be rememebered.  The way to rememebr isthat when 'show config' or 'show run' if the port is not there then it is disabled.

     The disbaled ports and any hashed passwords are the only hidden config infomration that I can think of. (with the password there is a command to show them though I cannot rememebr it).

     Also you can view the system deafults with a 'show default' to see things max vlans etc.

Hope that helps.

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Re: View Entire Config

You could try a "show tech-support" command.

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