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Video: Adding and Removing Link Aggregation Groups (LAGs)

by DennisMSmith on ‎06-20-2016 07:42 AM - edited on ‎03-20-2017 10:10 AM by Community Manager (1,893 Views)

In this video, we'll show you how to configure and disable Link Aggregation Groups (LAGs) on Brocade campus switches.



Video Transcript:


0:00 - This a brocade campus feature explainer series I'm Terry Henry. In this episode

0:04 - we're going to talk about link aggregation groups and adding removing

0:09 - and disabling ports with in a deployed group. So we will look at our

0:17 - running-config so we already have a dynamic lag configured here so we called

0:22 - it To7250-1 it’s dynamic. The ports are 1/2/1 and 1/2/3 and we have a

0:29 - primary port of 1/2/1 and it's deployed. So I have a quick look at the state of that

0:33 - make sure that it's still good

0:36 - which it is so we see there are two ports here and we can see that they're

0:40 - both in an operational state so lacp is working.

0:44 - We have a peer at the other side that's correctly configured. So let's say we

0:48 - want to remove a port from a deployed lag so we’ll go into config t and

0:57 - so first of all let's talk about how to disable it

1:02 - so if I want to disable the whole lag I can do that so I can un-deploy the lag

1:08 - that would be one way to do it or I can go into the physical interface of the

1:13 - primary port and if I disable it at the interface level so 1/2/1 for

1:19 - example if I do a disabled here

1:22 - it's going to shut down my whole lags all the ports in the lag or going to go

1:28 - down. So if I do a show lag again now my entire lag is down you see they're both

1:34 - in downstate here.

1:36 - So usually that's not what you want to do and usually you don't want to do that

1:41 - for me from a physical port level if I tried to

1:45 - shut down a secondary port or a member port if you will

1:49 - it's going to tell me that I can't configure that secondary port so I

1:53 - can't do that

1:54 - from there so what if I do want to shut down and individual port or and or the

2:00 - primary report of a deployed lag.

2:02 - Well I would do that from the lag itself so I go into due to lag

2:06 – To7250-1 and then here I can do a disabled and choose whichever port I

2:18 - want to disable here. So

2:19 - ethernet 1 / 2 / 1

2:22 - So show lag so that port we now see 1/2/1 is down and the other

2:30 - one is still operational. So even though the primary port it's still let me shut

2:34 - it down and let me shut it down without shutting down all the remaining ports

2:37 - not lag so let's re-enable that.

2:46 - Ok so let's say you want to remove support from a lag

2:52 - well so I would again go into the light itself and remove it from here

2:56 - so doing no ports ethernet first let's see what happens if I try to remove the

3:01 - primary port so 1/2/1.

3:04 - It's going to refuse to do that and upload lag so if I do want to remove

3:08 - that primary port for whatever reason then I would actually need to un-deploy

3:13 - that lag change the prime report something else then remove that port but

3:19 - but I can remove any of the member ports in any time I like so I can do a no

3:24 - ports Ethernet 1/2/3 from a deployed lag and that's fine

3:30 - so I that is fine if I look back at my lag here I now have only one port of my

3:35 - lag and so I can also add a port to a deployed lag so that's fine so if I do a

3:42 - port ethernet 1 / 2 / 3

3:48 - I now have my 1/2/3 enabled here but what happened was when I

4:00 - remove that port last time when you remove a port form from a deployed lag

4:05 - it's automatically going to put it into a disabled state right so we can see

4:10 - that the state of that port is in a downstate because it's been disabled by

4:14 - the configuration and the reason it does that is because when you remove that

4:17 – port from the lag

4:19 - the last thing we want to do is create a loop through the network and bring your

4:22 - network down just because you remove the port so it's another safety mechanism

4:26 - to stop you from having issues on your network.

4:32 - So now I would go to the interface itself interface e 1/2/3.

4:39 – Sorry, no I need to enable it from the lag so let's have a look at that

4:43 - so under the lag configuration it is deployed here; disabled under

4:50 - the lag so

4:51 - if I go back to the lag; lag

4:57 - To7250-1 and then we're going to do an enable ethernet 1 / 2 / 3

5:11 - so now if I look at my lag again

5:14 - so it's inactive at the moment so the other side has not yet responded and

5:22 - there we go

5:23 - so it is now up and operational so I had to wait for the other lacp reply from

5:27 - the other side before went into an operational state and we're now back so

5:30 - the beauty of this is you can add ports into a deployed lag

5:35 - you can remove ports from a deployed lag as long as it's not your primary

5:38 - and you can disable either all the ports in the lag by going into the physical

5:44 - primary and disabling it or you can go into the lag itself and disable any

5:50 - of the member for its ok that's it thanks for joining