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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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VLAN tagged sub-interfaces?

Hi, very new to Brocade routing, and I'm trying to figure out what the Brocade equivalent is to the following in JUNOS:

interfaces {
    ge-0/0/0 {
        unit 10 {
            vlan-id 10;
            family inet {
        unit 20 {
            vlan-id 20;
            family inet {

That is, two non-switched interfaces on the same port with different VLAN tags. I think Cisco does this through subinterfaces, but I couldn't find what the NetIron equivalent would be.

Thanks in advance for any insight!

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Re: VLAN tagged sub-interfaces?


  I do not know Junos that well, but this looks like you want to have one interface carrying two tagged VLAN (10 and 20) and have them as routed VLANS, if that is so then the below should do want you want.

Brocade#configure terminal

Brocade(config)#vlan 10

Brocade(config-vlan-10)#router-interface ve10

Brocade(config-vlan-10)#tag e 1/1/1

Brocade(config-vlan-10)#interface ve10

Brocade(config-vif-1)#ip address

Brocade(config)#vlan 20

Brocade(config-vlan-20)#router-interface ve20

Brocade(config-vlan-20)#tag e 1/1/1

Brocade(config-vlan-20)#interface ve20

Brocade(config-vif-1)#ip address



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