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VLAN planning on FastIron 648Ps

I'm currently in the planning stages of a new VLAN and subnet project. I'll have 4-5 new VLANs and subnets, I'm currently plowing through the manual but at 1878 pages it becomes tedious to use the search command and find what I need as examples suite me much better.


VLAN 30 = 250+ computers

VLAN 31 = 250+ phones

VLAN 32 = 25+ computers

VLAN 32 = Wireless (move this to VLAN 30?)

VLAN 33 = Wireless Guest

3x GS648P switches in server closet #1, 4x GS648P switches in server closet #2.  Master switch feeding the subsequent switches via 802.3ad. In the work environment all the computers are daisy-chained from the phone and out to the Ethernet drop EXCEPT for a separate company entity which will be VLAN 32.

There are two things I'm not entirely sure about:

  1. Do I associate each Ethernet port that with have the comp/phone combo with VLAN 30 and 31 and then additionally do I need to use the dual-mode and voice-vlan commands for each port on the switches?  I believe I leave VoIP untagged correct?
  2. Secondly, how do I configure my 802.3ad links between switches to become VLAN trunks as well (which would be VLAN 30-33)?

If any insight would be great!


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Re: VLAN planning on FastIron 648Ps

This isn't going to be everything you need, but it will atleast be a start.  I am fairly new to brocade switches, but I am currently help manage 40 of them.  I'll use your vlan numbering to show how ours is setup.

1.  We setup our phone with both vlans (30 and 31) tagged on each port.  Dual-mode 30 for your untagged traffic (typically the computers).  Our phones boot onto the data vlan and use LLDP to get VLAN information and then reboot into the voice vlan 31.  The phones tag the packets with the voice (vlan 31) and let the untagged (computer) traffic pass-thru.  The switch then takes the untagged traffic and converts it to tagged traffic (dual-mode 30). 

2.  Basically if you tag a port with more than one vlan, it becomes a trunk.  So we have switch 1 connected to switch 2 using both ports e0/1/1.  Tag e0/1/1 on both switches with vlans 30-33 and connect cables.  We don't configure dual-mode on these ports since they shouldn't be sending untagged traffic.  And it works.

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Re: VLAN planning on FastIron 648Ps

Also when you use LLDP for the phone, the POE power is better managed than if you just let switch hand out power. The switch and phone will negotiate POE power based on the usage of the phone. When the phone is idle, it might only need 3 watts but when it is being used, it might need 7 watts. LLDP will make these changes on the fly.

The config might look something like this, I grabbed some parts from a config I did using LLDP.

vlan 70 name HS_Phone by port

router-interface ve 70

tagged ethe 0/1/1 to 0/1/4 ethe 0/1/7 to 0/1/19 ethe 0/1/21 to 0/1/22

untagged ethe 0/1/5 to 0/1/6

no spanning-tree


vlan 100 name HS_Admin by port

router-interface ve 100

tagged ethe 0/1/1 to 0/1/4 ethe 0/1/7 to 0/1/19 ethe 0/1/21 to 0/1/22

no spanning-tree

interface ethernet 0/1/21

dual-mode 100

inline power

lldp tagged-packets process

lldp med network-policy application voice tagged vlan 70 priority 7 dscp 48 ports ethe 0/1/6 to 0/1/22

lldp advertise vlan-name vlan 70 ports ethe 0/1/6 to 0/1/22

lldp run


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