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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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Last year I did a try and on 2x VDX-6740-24-R (accourding to my try and buy contract). I was told at the time that 24 ports are licensed and that we could pay to license the other 24. I thought that sounded like a good feature. Due to other constraints we did not move forward. Now we've tendered for 4x VDX-6740-24-R. The brocade datasheet only shows 48 port models and when you plug the model # into CDW it shows up as a 48 port image.


However for whatever reason I did a google image search and saw a couple 24 port switches.


My question is this: is the VDX-6740-24-R a physical 24 port switch only?





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Re: VDX-6740-24-R

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I am very sure, the pictures are mixing up:


The VDX-6740-24-R is a 48-port switch with 24 ports licensed. 

The VDX-6720-24-R is a 24-port switch with 24 ports licensed.

Jörg Kost

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