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Re: Upgrading bootrom on stacked switches fails

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ichan wrote:

For what it seemed, the auto image sync is not working properly due to flash access issue.

Hence unit 2 and unit 3 did not get upgade to bootrom 10.10.1automatically when you upgade bootrom on the active unit (u1),


Here is a couple alternatives:

1. keep trying  - a couple times at least.

2. if it is still failing, then you may want to enable hitless and assign higher priority either to u2 or u3 to switchover and then repeat the tftp process for upgrading the bootrom.

3. take u2 and u3 offline from the stack and upgrade individually with the boot rom and the FI 8.0.0x image to match before joining the unit back to the stack for stack merging.- make sure the stack is also running 10.10.1 bootrom and the FI 8.0.0x image too to prevent image mis-match and cause stack merge issue.





Option #2 worked without sweating about what condition your switches/stack would be in with different versions of bootrom after reboot.  Thank you ichan!

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