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Upgrading a Stack of FCX switches

What is the process for  upgrading a stack of FCX's? As I discovered, if the software versions  are not the same on all of the switches in the stack, you have problems. I have not been able to find any documentation covering upgrading a stack...

Thank you,

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Re: Upgrading a Stack of FCX switches


     Yes you are correct, make sure that all units are on the same version (suggest doing this before joining the stack for anybody else reading this).

     To upgrade following the normal process as outlined in the release notes for the version you are after.  But then BEFORE you reload the active swich in the stack (the active switch will be the first one you upgrade) follow the before to push the image out to the rest of the stack units and then reload.

From the FastIron Config Guide of release 07.1.0b page 122

Copying the flash image to a stack unit from the Active Controller

To copy the flash image to a stack unit from the Active Controller primary or secondary flash, enter

the following command.

FLS648-STK Switch# copy flash flash unit-id-pri 2

Syntax: copy flash flash

primary - Copy secondary to primary

secondary - Copy primary to secondary

unit-id-pri - Copy active primary image to unit-id

unit-id-sec - Copy active secondary image to unit-id

The unit-id-pri or unit-id-sec keywords are used to copy images to a stack member from the Active

Controller primary and secondary flash, respectively. For <

unit-num>, enter a value from 1 – 8.

Reloading a stack unit

To reload a stack unit, enter the following command.

FLS624-STK Switch# reload

Syntax: reload

after - schedule reloading after certain time period

at - schedule reloading at an exact later time

cancel - cancel scheduled reload

unit-id - stack members to reload

The unit-id <unit-list> can be a combination, such as 2,4-6,8. Tokens must be separated by a

comma and there is no space.

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Re: Upgrading a Stack of FCX switches

Hi, Want to add one more question, I have already installed stack switches, and want to upgrade to software

07.2.02aT7f1 to  07.3.00cT7f1.

I gave command as followes but cannot see where it is going to copy in Active stack, Standby or member stack? Can you pleas add more info which can help me to upgrade switches around 50. Because if I start by console will be long prodedur.

FCX648SHPOE##copy tftp flash  07.3.00cT7f1 secondary

FCX648SHPOE#sh stack

alone: standalone, D: dynamic config, S: static config

ID   Type       Role    Mac Address    Pri State   Comment

1  S FCX648SPOE active  0024.38c4.fe40 128 local   Ready

2  S FCX648SPOE standby 0024.38c4.fc80   0 remote  Ready

3  S FCX648SPOE member  0024.38c4.cdc0   0 remote  Ready

4  S FCX648SPOE member  0024.38c4.7140   0 remote  Ready

5  S FCX648SPOE member  748e.f82d.73c0   0 remote  Ready

6  S FCX648SPOE member  0024.38c7.0a00   0 remote  Ready

7  S FCX648SPOE member  748e.f82d.af80   0 remote  Ready

8  S FCX648SPOE member  0024.38c5.0680   0 remote  Ready

    active       standby

     +---+        +---+        +---+        +---+        +---+        +---+

-2/1| 1 |2/2--2/1| 2 |2/2--2/1| 3 |2/2--2/1| 4 |2/2--2/1| 5 |2/2--2/1| 6 |2/2-

|   +---+        +---+        +---+        +---+        +---+        +---+   |

|                                                                            |

|                                                                            |

|                                                       +---+        +---+   |

-----------------------------------------------------2/2| 8 |2/1--2/2| 7 |2/1-

                                                         +---+        +---+

Standby u2 - No hitless failover. Reason: hitless-failover not configured

Current stack management MAC is 0024.38c4.fe40

Note: no "stack mac" config. My MAC will change after failover.

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