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Upgrading Software when Stacked

I have a stack of FCX648S switches. I am familiar with how to upgrade the software (flash and boot) on these devices one at a time, when not in a stack configuration. I also understand that all the switches in the stack need to have the same version of software in order to work correctly. I have never upgraded the software when the stack is up and running. How do I do that? I have a single IP address to access the stack or Active Controller but how do I access the other devices when they don't have an IP address? If I upload the new software to the active controller will it update the other units automatically? Do I have to upload the software to the the controller then copy it to the other units? The config guide and release notes were not clear about this at all.

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Re: Upgrading Software when Stacked

7.4.00 uses auto image upload to synchronize across the stack, earlier versions you have to copy the flash from the active controller, see the FastIron Config Guide section Brocade IronStack Management


If any unit in the IronStack is running an incorrect version of the software, it will appear as

non-operational. You must install the correct software version on that unit for it to operate properly

in the stack. For more information, refer to “Copying the flash image to a stack unit from the Active

Controller” in the next section.

Copying the flash image to a stack unit from

the Active Controller

To copy the flash image to a stack unit from the Active Controller primary or secondary flash, enter

the following command.

Brocade# copy flash flash unit-id-pri 2

Syntax: copy flash flash

• primary - Copy secondary to primary

• secondary - Copy primary to secondary

• unit-id-pri - Copy active primary image to unit ID

• unit-id-sec - Copy active secondary image to unit ID

The unit-id-pri and unit-id-sec keywords are used to copy images to a stack member from the Active

Controller primary and secondary flash, respectively. For <unit-num>, enter a value from 1 through



Reloading a stack unit

To reload a stack unit, enter the following command.

Brocade# reload

Syntax: reload

• after - Schedule reloading after certain time period

• at - Schedule reloading at an exact later time

• cancel - Cancel scheduled reload

• unit-id - Stack members to reload. The <unit-list> variable can be a combination, such as

2,4-6,8. Tokens must be separated by a comma and there is no space.

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