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Registered: ‎05-04-2011

Upgrade Path FGS648P-POE-STK and Stacking Hardware


I have a FGS648P-POE-STK that I should really upgrade the firmware on. Currently running:

SSH@FGS648P-STK Switch#show flash

Stack unit 1:

  Compressed Pri Code size = 3150071, Version 05.0.01T7e1 (FGS05001-INM-42789.bin)

  Compressed Sec Code size = 3154441, Version 04.2.00aT7e1 (FGL04200a.bin)

  Compressed BootROM Code size = 416213, Version 05.0.00T7e5

Running Image Version:SW: Version 05.0.01T7e1

What is the upgrade path I should take to bring everything up to the latest firmware?

Do I begin with updating the Layer 2 firmware with FGS04302a.bin, then go into r05.0.x and once into r07.0.x install both Layer 2 and Base Layer 3?

What should I do to ensure I have no problems and steps should I take to backup the Pri, Sec and BootROM code?

Same goes for backing up my current configuration?

Will upgrading to r07.0.x keep all my settings intact?

I will be inheriting an IB-FGS648P B50G that I would like to stack with this unit. I need to purchase Stacking kit with EEPROM and would like to know if the FLS648-STK-CXU will work with this switch?



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