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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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Unused ethernet port report for capacity management

First post here, so hi everyone.

I have just upgraded from an extreme networks core infrastructure to a Brocade Netiron MLX Core and FCX stacked edge network and using Ironview as the management tool.

Under our old core, edge and management server we had a report that was already predefined that we could run which would show which ethernet ports on a switch hadnt been used for x number of days, we used this report twice a year to check for ports which hadnt been used for 60 days, and then went round and depatched anything that wasnt in use anymore. This report saved us from having to maintain a database or spreadsheet of patching records for the network edge, which generally was difficult to maintain.

I am unable to find on either the ironview or the device CLI information that indicates when a port was last used. Is it possible that this is something that is there and I cant find? or what do others do to get around this issue/maintain capacity at the edge?

Many Thanks


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Re: Unused ethernet port report for capacity management

Hi Luke,

     You could turn on sflow on the ports you wish to monitor.  You could then crete a report based on the sflow data to get you want you need.



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Re: Unused ethernet port report for capacity management

Hi l.roberts,

Welcome to Brocade Communities! I just wanted to check in and see if your question had been answered. If so, please mark the answer as either helpful or correct so that helpful users will receive points. Thanks!


Grace Chang

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Re: Unused ethernet port report for capacity management

I am actually wondering the same thing.  I am aware of sflow.  But I am already using sflow for so many other  more inoortant ports and getting overflow alerts  as it is.  Is there really no cmd that can be issued.  On cisco I can issue something like this:


show int | i proto.*notconnect|proto.*administratively down|Last in.* [1-2]y|Last in.* [0-9][0-9]w|[0-9]y|disabled|Last input never, output never, output hang never


Does anyone have any smilar cmd?   Running sflow on everyport is not a go option.



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