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Unable to compile FOUNDRY-SN-AGENT-MIB

I am attempting to compile and load rmpr02900d.mib into HP Intelligent Management Center.


Initially I received the following error after attempting to compilie and load the MIB with all other MIBs unloaded:

[ERROR]The mib file(FOUNDRY-SN-AGENT-MIB) lacks dependent module(HCNUM-TC).


So I downloaded HCNUM-TC from OiDViEW and was able to successfully compile and load it.


I then attempted to compile and load rmpr02900d.mib again and received the following error:

[ERROR]Compile mib file(FOUNDRY-SN-AGENT-MIB.mib) in directory(Brocade) failed.
Invalid OID bit in parsing OID phase.
Exception Line Number:1473
1471: STATUS current
1473?---->> "A bit array that contains the value of the
1474: bit for each switch port:
1475: bit value meaning
1476: 0 off (no traffic)


I have tried multiple times with all mibs loaded and unload HCNUM-TC loaded and unloaded and am unable to find a solution.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!





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