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TurboIron 24X || Cannot console in

Hi all,


Just picked up a used Brocade TurboIron 24X (TI-24X-AC)  for an internal corporate lab. I've never used Brocade before, but have used various Cisco and Juniper (among others...) R/S products. With that said, I am having a heck of a time consoling into this switch.


I grabbed a straight-through DB-9 to USB cable (, installed drivers, opened a terminal session, and nothing but a cursor. I have verified my session parameters are correct ( I tried 3 different OSes (OS X, Win 10, Win 7). I don't have another device to verify the cable against, but it is brand new. I am assuming it isnt a dud right now.


What are my options for overcoming this and seeing if I got a dud switch or not?

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