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Trunk 4K VLANs on an Interface

I have an ICX 6430-24P. I want to trunk as many VLANs as possible on two interfaces. This seems to be something switch manufacturers like to make painful.


What I have tried:

  • First, I increased the max vlans system value to 4095 and restarted the system.
  • Then, I entered the following:
    • ICX6430-24P Switch(config)#vlan 2 to 4094
    • ERROR-can't have more than 64 vlans at a time in a multi-range vlan command
  • Ok, so try port group:
    • ICX6430-24P Switch(config)#vlan-group 1 vlan 2 to 4000
    • VLAN group 1 is too big. Only 256 vlans are allowed at a time

So, do I have to just make 16 port groups and then tag the interfaces on each of the 16 port groups? I hope not.


I like the Cisco paradigm of going to the interface and just making it a trunk and permitting all. Then it is a pretty simple TCL script to make all of the VLANs (In 3com/comware/h3c/huawei world it is even easier, "vlan batch 2 to 4094"). I wish that was available here, because VLANs really are properties of ports, not the other way around as ProCurve and Brocade want you to think.





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Re: Trunk 4K VLANs on an Interface

Hi Gns,


I have found these two references


These confirm what you have already tested


With the VLAN group command you can add up to 256 VLANs with the command at one time.

When configuring a VLAN range the maximum number of VLANs you can create or configure with a single command is 64.


The links above show the correct way to configure more using multiple commands




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