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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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Traffic policing


I have problem with setting rate limiting on port on NetIron CER 2024F. I want to set 40Mbps on port in both direction up/down. I try do this something like that:

NetIron CER 2024F(config-if-e1000-1/15)#rate-limit input 40000000 45000000


NetIron CER 2024F(config-if-e1000-1/15)#rate-limit output 40000000 45000000

and it works with average speed 38Mbps, but only in one direction (output). I also try with policy-map but switch behave similarly.

i can add that i set port speed manually by

NetIron CER 2024F(config-if-e1000-1/15)#speed-duplex 100-full  becasue my laptop's have fastethernet cards, maybe here is some problem.

bandwidth i measure  iperf 2.0.2

any suggestion or manuals how do this right?

Best regards,


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Re: Traffic policing

Hi Info7,

     The config looks correct to me.  Please post a 'show ver' so we can see what version of code you are running on the CER2024F.

Setting speed-deplex should not effect the rate limiting.  What SFP optic are you using?

Thanks Michael.

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Re: Traffic policing

Hi Michael,

Thank you for your repley

NetIron CER 2024F#show version
System: NetIron CER (Serial #: P1SA03F00H,  Part #: 40-1000365-03)
License: ADV_SVCS_PREM (LID: rGucFIhFFj)
Boot     : Version 5.0.0T185 Copyright (c) 1996-2009 Brocade Communications Syst
ems, Inc.
Compiled on Apr 19 2010 at 17:28:20 labeled as ceb05000
(443151 bytes) from boot flash
Monitor  : Version 4.1.0aT185 Copyright (c) 1996-2009 Brocade Communications Sys
tems, Inc.
Compiled on Jan  5 2010 at 19:44:32 labeled as ceb04100a
(357766 bytes) from code flash
IronWare : Version 5.0.0bT183 Copyright (c) 1996-2009 Brocade Communications Sys
tems, Inc.
Compiled on Jun 17 2010 at 21:48:22 labeled as ce05000b
(11758219 bytes) from Primary
CPLD Version: 0x00000010
Micro-Controller Version: 0x0000000d
800 MHz Power PC processor 8544 (version 8021/0022) 400 MHz bus
512 KB Boot Flash (AM29LV040B), 64 MB Code Flash (MT28F256J3)
2048 MB DRAM
System uptime is 3 minutes 12 seconds
NetIron CER 2024F#

i use brocade's SFP: E1MG-TX.

Best regards,


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Re: Traffic policing

Ok I am sure everything is correct,  and I have used that optic at 100mb in a CES switch.

Is it possible to test at a 1 gb? I think this is worth placing a tac ticket for a fix.

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Re: Traffic policing

I'm facing the same problem on CER2024. Do you have any news about that?

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