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Traffic Shaping on Netiron CER 2024

Hi All,


I'm trying to find a way to shape egress traffic for individual customers on our Brocade CER 2024 router.


Router model:
System: NetIron CER 2024
IronWare : Version 6.0.0aT183


Topology info.
- All customers are configured on separate VLAN's with corresponding 'VE' interfaces for each customer.


The Brocade CER 2024 router does not seem to support HQoS, so I trying to achieve individual rate limiting via traffic shaping (not policing) and would like to know if there's better or more efficient way apart from the below config that will help me achieve the same?


Ideally I'd like to shape traffic on the VE interfaces, but have learnt that this is not an option. So, in my below config example, I've distinguished customer's by their public IP address allocation and applied the policies to the physical interface.


I look forward to any other solutions.


ip access-list extended Customer-ACL-1
permit ip any host
ip access-list extended Customer-ACL-2
permit ip any host
policy-map CUSTOMER-POLICY-1
cir 50000000 cbs 49984
policy-map CUSTOMER-POLICY-2
cir 20000000 cbs 20480
interface ethernet 2/1
port-name Customer facing interface
rate-limit output access-group name ipv4 Customer-ACL-1 policy-map CUSTOMER-POLICY-1
rate-limit output access-group name ipv4 Customer-ACL-2 policy-map CUSTOMER-POLICY-2

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Re: Traffic Shaping on Netiron CER 2024



Based on the Rate Limiting and Rate Shaping guide I believe what you are doing is the correct way to provide traffic shaping on the NetIron CER


Hopefully you have already seen the QoS and Traffic Management Configuration Guide




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