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Track priorities the same on both master and backup

In our environment running show ip vrrp-e ve<int>  I see that track priorities are not confgured like Brocade shows in the BigIron RX config guide (below)

Our track priorities are set the same on both master and backup. e.g. SW1=track-priority 5  SW2=track-priority 5

What problems could this cause?

I have posed this question to support as well and will post the answer. If someone can beat me to it here, please go ahead.

In Figure 85 on page 452, the track priority results in Router1’s VRRP priority becoming lower than
Router2’s VRRP priority. As a result, when Router2 learns that it now has a higher priority than
Router1, Router2 initiates negotiation for Master router and becomes the new Master router, thus
providing an open path for Host1’s traffic. To take advantage of the track port feature, make sure
the track priorities are always lower than the VRRP priorities. The default track priority for the router
that owns the VRID IP address(es) is 2. The default track priority for Backup routers is 1. If you
change the track port priorities, make sure you assign a higher track priority to the Owner of the IP
address(es) than the track priority you assign on the Backup routers.

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