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Test jumbo frames 9000

Can anyone provide me a Brocade documentation on why one cannot test MTU 9000 with PING on some Brocade platforms.  The max allowed seems to be 8972.


Couldn't find any document why this is.  I however know this isn't universal becasue it works on some brocade platforms have worked with.


Thank you.

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Registered: ‎12-14-2010

Re: Test jumbo frames 9000


Brocade requires that the ICMP byte is specified while testing PING/ICMP packets between hosts.


IP:20 bytes + ICMP: 8 bytes.


On Brocade – To test 9000 bytes (IP+ICMP headers are not included in the MTU value by default unlike other known vendors).
ping size 8972 no-frag

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