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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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Telnet / SSH Source Interface Inactive

Before I take this to TAC, I thought I'd poll the crowd.

I'm attempting to set the source interface for Telnet and SSH traffic to loopback 1, which is up/up.

loopback 1     YES  NVRAM  up         up       default-vrf 

ip telnet source-interface loopback 1

When I attempt to Telnet to another router from the device, I get the following error:


Inactive source address

Any thoughts?

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Re: Telnet / SSH Source Interface Inactive

Hi Mike,

     Looks to me like you have setup the device correctly (example below) - If you confirm the below is the same as your setup then I would call the TAC OR depending on what version of code you are running on what device (CER/MLX) check the latest release notes for that version of code you are on to see if a bug has been filed and fixed.

To specify the lowest-numbered IP address configured on a loopback interface as the device’s source for all Telnet packets, enter commands such as the following.

Brocade(config)# int loopback 2

Brocade(config-lbif-2)# ip address

Brocade(config-lbif-2)# exit

Brocade(config)# ip telnet source-interface loopback 2

The commands configure loopback interface 2, assign IP address to it, then designate it as the source for all Telnet packets from the Brocade device.



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