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Tagging ports that are not a member of the default vlan

I have some ports that are configured to be untagged in vlan 20, I need to put tagged traffic for vlan 170 onto these ports but cannot do so.

The default vlan (of which my ports are not an untagged member) is 1

config t

vlan 170

tagged ethernet 21

error - port ethe 21 are not member of default vlan

config t

interface ethernet 21

dual-mode 20

error - cannot set untagged port 21 to dual mode

TurboIron 24X v04.2.00b

I'm guessing that I've missed a command? Any suggestions? Do I need to set the port native vlan for ethernet 21 - if so, how do I do this?


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Re: Tagging ports that are not a member of the default vlan


As I understand you, you are trying to get over one port vlan 170 as tagged and vlan 20 as untagged.

According to config manual (page 332) you should go such way

vlan 10 is your VLAN 20 and vlan 20 is your VLAN 170

TurboIron(config)# vlan 10 by port
TurboIron(config-vlan-10)# untagged e 10
TurboIron(config-vlan-10)# tagged e 11
TurboIron(config-vlan-10)# exit

TurboIron(config)# vlan 20 by port
TurboIron(config-vlan-20)# tagged e 9
TurboIron(config-vlan-20)# tagged e 11
TurboIron(config-vlan-20)# exit

TurboIron(config)# int e 11
TurboIron(config-if-e10000-11)# dual-mode 10
TurboIron(config-if-e10000-11)# exit
Syntax: dual-mode

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