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TFTP failing with error code 5


      I am trying to copy my flash to a tftp server in the same subnet as my switch. The tftp server is pingable from my switch and vice versa. I see the TFTP service running in windows Vista (perform netstat -a in DOS). When I start the download "copy flash tftp test primary", I get Flash to TFTP Error - code 5. Has anyone seen this problem. I have attached a screen shot of the error and the firmware my switch is running.


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Re: TFTP failing with error code 5

it seems your windows firewall is running and blocking your udp session. Try disabling it.
if it is not running try a different tftp server software.

another reason can be you are writing file name without its extension

you can use show flash command to see the filename.


BR-telnet@FWS624GPOE Router#sh flash
Stack unit 1:
  Compressed Pri Code size = 3166397, Version 07.3.00T7e1 (FWSL07300.bin)
  Compressed Sec Code size = 2863575, Version 07.3.00T7e1 (FWS07300.bin)
  Compressed Boot-Monitor Image size = 416213, Version 05.0.00T7e5
  Code Flash Free Space = 24510464
BR-telnet@FWS624GPOE Router#~

copy flash tftp FWSL07300.bin primary

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Re: TFTP failing with error code 5

Thanks! Had to disable firewall all together. I don't understand because initially I allowed that TFTP program access through the firewall. Well, no worries.

Thanks again.

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