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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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I am having an issue with TACACS at a couple of sites which are behind a firewall.  Our security group controls our firewalls and have yet to allow telnet/ssh access through them. I have verified that the configuration and IOS are the same at other sites but for some reason, as long as I enter the correct password, when I enter anything in the username field it will let me in.  At other sites which are behind a firewall or not it will not accept anything but the correct local username.  Has anyone encountered this issue?  Again, these switches cannot access our RADIUS server so the local username and password need to be used.


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Re: TACACS on a FWS648G-PO​E


     A bit confused here, are you using TACAC+ or RADIUS?  Or both in different locations.  Also what version of code are you running on the FWS's? (use show version and post results please).

     I have tested TACACS+ on 7.4.00a code and wrong username and correct password will not let me thought.



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