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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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Switching over From ClearOS

Hi. I am with the Lee County School District in Tupelo,MS. The following image is our current setup at each one of our schools.We currently purchased a bunch of Brocade ICX-6450-24 switches. These will replace our current switches and clear os boxes in our main data closets. Right now I am getting familiar with the commands, setup, etc. (i.e. just playing around with them)

Right now I am scouting for information how we would implement this on the switches. Would I just boot the router firmware on the switches and set the IP interfaces to the ports directly on the switches?

I'm just looking for an overview on how I would do this? Thanks.

clear os layout.bmp

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Re: Switching over From ClearOS

Hi Shaun,
You can use "route-only" command under interface context.
and then you can add ip address to this interface.

hope this helps,

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