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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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Subnet issues

Ok so I need to get two subnets on the same Layer 3 switch communicating. If I have a subnet 192.168.100.x on vlan 2 and subnet 10.1.1.x on vlan 3, is it as simple as just setting the startup config as follows

vlan 2 name VL2 by port

tagged ethe 1/1/1


vlan 3 name VL3 by port

tagged ethe 1/1/2


and then running a cable from port 1/1/1 and 1/1/2? Alternatively, it would be more ideal for my situation if I could leave the cable out and just handle the routing internally. So could I just tag 1/1/1 in both vlans and leave the cable out of the equation all together?

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Re: Subnet issues

Hi @nfrigo,



While we still encourage the community to assist with your post, I wanted to let you I have passed your questions on to our TAC Engagement team and they will be reaching out to you shortly to gather some more information regarding your configuration so we can get you in touch with the correct group . I encourage you to continue to post in the community and let me know if there is any way I can help. Once your post is resolved, we will make sure to post the resolution back to the community to help other members.


You can find out more about the TAC Engaged program by clicking on the image below.


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Dennis Smith
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Re: Subnet issues

I don't understand the main problem - and even not your first solution attempt.


If you crossconnect two ports with different *tagged* VLANs, no correct traffic flow will happen. Frames egress 1/1/1 will carry a VLAN2 tag and should be droped ingress 1/1/2 because this port is not configured for VLAN2 (and vice versa).


You could try "untagged" instead of "tagged" to link VLAN2 and VLAN3 in to one broadcast domain but I'am in doubt if this is what you want.


On the other hand - how can a client with IP 192.169.100.x ever reach a client with 10.1.1.x without any Layer3 router in between? You said "Layer 3 switch" but it seems you do not have your Layer3 switch configured for routing between this two VLANs. Would you like to have your Layer3 switch do the Layer3 IP routing?


In the end you have to elaborate a little more what you try to do :-).



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