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Stumped! FGS648P, trying to stack two of them. It is possibly bricked.

So we have two FGS648P switches.


They have dual-10GB stacking ports, using a stacking cable to interconnect them.  


I plugged them in together using the interconnect cable and enabled stacking through the web gui.  


Background info:  They are both using the same sec code.  7.x  (Supports Stack commands, according to the documentation I've read)


Once i enabled stacking through the gui on one of the switches, the other entered into "Member role" mode and is essentially a "slave switch" to the primary or master.  If you go into the command line(console) of the Member role switch, it gives you nothing useful, except for show commands, etc.


Every so often a message will pop-up, it says, (I'm paraphrasing, because it's not right in front of me), There are no active or standby controllers available, please use the "Stack Unconfigure Me" command to go back to Standalone mode.


THERE IS NO STACK COMMANDS AVAILABLE, on either switch in the command line.  

Switch1 = Master (where I configured stack from GUI, still accessible by IP, etc)

Switch2 = Member (which is essentially now read-only)


A few of the million things I've tried to revive Switch2.


1. Try to disable stack from Web Gui on Switch1, while connected via interconnect to Switch2.

2. Rebooted Switch2 numerous times with no interconnect, with interconnect.

3. Boot from TFTP to latest firmware, maybe getting the "Stack" commands to be available.

4. Physically try to "default" the switch back to factory settings, by removing case and looking for physical jumpers or switches internally.

5. Read LOTS of documentation (myself and 2 others).


Cannot view any interface information about switch2 from switch1.  There are no neighbors in the stack details portion of the GUI from switch1, either.


When Switch2 boots up, you show version, you don't see any interfaces.  If I boot into TFTP client mode, I can give it an IP address and ping it and boot from an image on a TFTP server from a PC plugged into one of its 1G eth interfaces.  So the hardware functions. 


Also, its interesting to note that the two status lights on the 10gb card and always lit and the activity lights are constant, on switch2 also.  When I plug the interconnect cable into both switches, Switch1 10gb card activity light blinks with activity.   



These switches obviously have the "stack" capability.  Commands available in the GUI and Dual 10GB eth interconnect cards.


We are AT wits end with this switch.


Please help.

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Re: Stumped! FGS648P, trying to stack two of them. It is possibly bricked.

Hi ViaTechDAN,

    First delete the startup config file as the below on both switch (you should be connected via the console cable). 


FWS624GPOE Switch>

FWS624GPOE Switch> cltr-y-m




    416213 boot.bin

   2864282 primary.bin

   2891960 secondary.bin

      2139 startup-config.backup

      2113 startup-config.txt

         0 /root

      5044 /sys

         0 /tmp

   6181751 bytes used

  24379392 bytes free



now delete startup-config.txt and startup-config.backup files.


FWS-Monitor>del startup-config.backup
FWS-Monitor>del startup-config.txt

Then boot the switch via the boot system flash primary (or sec)
FWS-Monitor>boot sys fl pri

BOOT INFO: load monitor from primary, size = 243029
Appln_Monitor:root_task: ***local_overide = 0***
BOOT INFO: load image from primary
Brocade PPC filter after decompression

BOOT INFO: bootparam at 0013c96c, mp_fl


it will come up with blank config....


FWS624GPOE Switch>
FWS624GPOE Switch>
FWS624GPOE Switch>en
No password has been assigned yet...
FWS624GPOE Switch#sh run
Current configuration:
ver 07.4.00T7e1
module 1 fws1g-24-port-copper-base-module





FWS624GPOE Switch#


For stacking on FGS you needed to have the stacking EEPROM in ver 4.3.x Not sure it that ever got turned into a software license in later versions, check a show license when you have defaulted the config.





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