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Strange messages from snmp in log

This is a strange one. I'll be detailed here.  We have some new ICX and FCX switches we are deploying to replace obsolete models.  SNMP is configured on the switch, with a group and user line, and an access control list to restrict where connections can be made from.  The switches work fine with BNA - they are discovered, can be managed via CLI, and can have configurations backed up via BNA. However, when connected to the network, the log fills up with messages stating that the BNA server has failed SNMP authentication - it's listed as an intruder.  We have identical switches in service in other buildings, and they are not exhibiting the same symptoms. I did a printo out of the configuration of one of those and the new one, and examined them line by line to no  avail. The configurations are identical.  I'm stumped. If the thing is failing snmp authentication, then why is BNA working?  Need help! I opened a ticket, but I figured a forum message might be a good idea too, in case someone else has seen the same thing.

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