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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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Stacking and HSRP

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we have 2 x ICX 6450 configured as Stack and 2 x ICX 6650 confgured as MCT.

Also we have 2 Internet Lines, configured with 2 Routers with HSRP.


On each Switch is an VLAN 4070 (without Spanning Tree)

LAG Ports are tagged and Ports from the Internet Lines are untagged members


1/1/27 on ICX 6450 Master is the 1 GBits Line

2/1/27 on ICX 6450 Slave is the 100 MBits Line


Everything works fine, but when we shutdown the ICX 6450 Master, HSRP want switch to the 100 MBits Backup Line on the Slave Port 2/1/27. When the Master back on Power, and the 1 GBits pluged out, the 100 Mbits come up.


When ICX 6450 Master is running and we only plug out the Cable from the Router 1 - 1GBits, the HSRP switch to 100 MBits Internet Line.


Somebody any Idea why the Failover wont work when the Master Switch from the Stacking is Offline?

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