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Stacking ICX 7250 48pt switches

Hi Guys,


I'm new to Brocade and I have a quick question on stacking 7250 devices.

I've got 5 identical 48pt units that I want to stack using a single stacking cable approach in a ring back to the top of the stack. 

I can successfully stack the first 4, but I can't get the 5th to be discovered in the stack.

I've attached a quick JPG diagram showing how they are connected using 10GB stacking cables.

I would assume if you can stack in 3 you could stack in 5? 


Thanks in advance.


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Re: Stacking ICX 7250 48pt switches

[ Edited ]

accord the DS, Up to 12 Brocade ICX 7250 Switches can be stacked together using up to four full-duplex
SFP+ 10 Gbps ports for a fully redundant backplane with 80 Gbps of stacking bandwidth.


how many 10Gb port are licensed ?


I believe by default only 2* Port are native licensed for 10Gb


Additional to 10Gb POD license, please see this note in Stacking config Guide, also check type of cable you are use, is probable you have a cabling issue.


When stacking is configured, all stack ports and trunks must be either in the port range of 1/2/1 through 1/2/4 or in the port range 1/2/5 through 1/2/8.

Ports 1/2/1 through 1/2/4 require active cables. Ports 1/2/5 through 1/2/8 have re-timers that support both active and passive cables.








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Re: Stacking ICX 7250 48pt switches

Thanks for your reply. Turns out that the "5th" switch had aan existing config. Strange that a "new" switch came with an IP address.....

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