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Stacking 2x Brocade 6450P Switches


I urgently need some advice on stacking two Brocade 6450P Switches.  I purchased one stacking cable, as someone said that was all I need, however, I get the feeling I need two.  How many do I need?  and which ports do I connect them in?  I literally want to know how to stack two switches only.  The brocade guides only show how to connect 3 or more, which is of no interest to me.

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Re: Stacking 2x Brocade 6450P Switches



2 will give you better redundancy, but if you only have one uplink then dont worry about it. On the first switch connect port 3 ( top right) to port 1 on the second switch. 


first make sure your switches are running the same version. Then enable stacking ( config# stack enable)  run stack secure setup ( switch# stack secure-setup) , then accept the topology and bottom switch should reboot.. set the stack mac which will be your first switch - switch# stack mac 0000.0000.0000. 



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Re: Stacking 2x Brocade 6450P Switches

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I've attached the stacking guide and configuration guide to this post. These docs will help you understand how to configure and implement your 6450s.


You should also set "hitless-failover enable".



Jonathon Lorek
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