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Registered: ‎08-22-2010

Spanning tree protocol and Brocade 7800

Hi every body,

I am new to borcade, and i have few questions i'll be thankful to all if you answer them.

I am connecting two FC SAN devices on different sites using Brocade 7800 FCIP switch. The FC SAN devices are connected to Brocade 7800 using FC connections. The Brocade 7800 switch is connected to network switches using Ethernet connections. The network switches running spanning tree protocol. Bothe sites are connected to each other through WAN. The sketch diagram is attached.

My questions are,
·         Is brocade 7800 support Layer 2 switching?
·         Is brocade 7800 support spanning tree protocol?
·         Is brocade 7800 creates bridge loops when it’s connected to network switches which are in same VLAN, using Ethernet connections?
·         If brocade 7800 creates bridge loops in this scenario, what will be the possible solution to avoid it and to perform connectivity between two sites?



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