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Spanning-Tree Problem between VDX and ICX

I have a problem to get Spanning-Tree (PVST or RPVST, not single) running between a VDX6740 and a ICX 7750 switch. For testing I made the setup as easy as possible. The two devices are connected directly with one 1 Gbit port, which is trunked/tagged with one vlan (vlan 322). Native Vlan is Vlan 1.


The problem is, that for vlan 322 both switches are sending BPDUs but don’t receive any. They are getting blocked. For Vlan 1 BPDUs are exchanged without problems, no blocking there.


The setup looks like this:



protocol spanning-tree rpvst

    vlan 1 priority 8192

    vlan 322 priority 8192

interface TenGigabitEthernet 1/0/41

 speed 1000

 mtu 9216

 no fabric isl enable

 no fabric trunk enable


 switchport mode trunk

 switchport trunk allowed vlan add 322

 no switchport trunk tag native-vlan

 no spanning-tree shutdown

 no shutdown






vlan 322 name XY by port

    tagged ethe 1/1/2

    router-interface ve 322

    spanning-tree 802-1w


interface ethernet 1/1/2


  speed-duplex 1000-full

  spanning-tree 802-1w admin-pt2pt-mac



Do you have any idea, why Spanning Tree BPDUs are not received for VLAN 322 on the other side?


I tested the same with „normal“ STP / PVSTP and get exactly the same behavior. Also when i connect a Cisco Access-Layer-Switch to the ICX with the same setup it works fine for all Vlans.


Thanks for your help in advance!

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Re: Spanning-Tree Problem between VDX and ICX


You should stop using this community and use YAMMER instead where a broader audience will potentially be able to answer your query .

As for the below I think you must add the "spanning-tree bpdu-mac 0100.0ccc.cccd" command on your VDX interface .






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Re: Spanning-Tree Problem between VDX and ICX

As far as I understand this command is necessary to be Cisco-compliant, so I didn't try this one. But it works like a charm now!


Thank you!!!

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