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Slow connection%2Fno connection via Telnet on ICX6430

Hi I have several ICX6430/ICX64S08030c that once in a while have a very slow or no response at all to my telnet sessions. I can exclued IP routing issues and probably spanning-tree issues as well, since I have connectivity to other switches that are behind the one that shows the problems. Normally only a reboot of the switch helps.


Does anyone have had the same experiences? Is there any less invasive method to get the device back to a fully manageable situation?


Any hint is appreciated.

Kind regards


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Re: Slow connection%2Fno connection via Telnet on ICX6430

Never had that issue, but I would highly recommend upgrading the firmware to to 8030j



To upgrade it:


copy tftp flash ICX64S08030j.bin primary


If the boot code is lower than Boot Version 10.1.05T310, you should upgrade it too:


copy tftp flash kxz10105.bin bootrom



If this is a PoE model usually has a "P" in it like ICX6430-48P then you may as well check the firmware of it via


show inline power detail | begin Firmware


and if below 2.1.0 Build 004 then upgrade it:

inline power install-firmware stack-unit 1 tftp icx64xx_poeplus_02.1.0.b004.fw





Anyway, beyond this for us to help you are going to need to post your configureation.


That said, I highly recommend you use SSH instead; it is MUCH more secure.



Basically go int Global Configureation mode and make sure to setup a username:


username someone password somepassword


crpyto key generate rsa mod 2048



Probably should make an ACL to control access, too:


access-list 99 permit host

access-list 99 permit

access-list 99 denay any log


ssh access-group 99



May as well set some parameters: 

ip ssh authentication-retries 2
ip ssh timeout 30
ip ssh idle-time 30
ip ssh scp disable



Anyway, please post your config and let us know.



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