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Single Instance RSTP on MLX-e

Has anyone ever used vlan based single instance RSTP on the MLX-e's? Normally every switch or device that I connect to the MLX's speaks Rapid-PVST+ and the MLX's work perfectly in that situation... Create an Vlan, enter rstp priority 0 within the vlan and we are good to go... The current situation I face is that we just plugged in an Aruba Wireless controller that will only speak single instance RSTP with the MLX's... When single Instance is enabled on the Aruba controller, it recognizes that the MLX as the root bridge, even if I don't have any RSTP config on that specific Vlan, and global Spanning tree is turned off on the MLX's... the Aruba's see the RBID as, what ends up being a random MAC on a disabled port on the MLX that, oddly enough, doesn't have the high MAC address... the Aruba shows that RBID as having a priority of 0 as well... Any idea's?

So my questions are:

How do you deliberately enable single instance RSTP on a vlan on the MLX (ironware 5.1)?

Why is it picking some random MAC (neither lowest or highest MAC) to be the BID and thus the RBID on the Aruba?

How do I view spanning tree information (like show rstp vlan X) on single instance RSTP?

Any help would be appreciated!

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Re: Single Instance RSTP on MLX-e


Single RSTP on a MLX is configured like:

rstp single


rstp single priority 0

And have "spanning-tree" configured under each VLAN you would like to have under control of this single RSTP

vlan xxxx

tagged ethe .......


The MLX sends only one untagged BPDU to 0180c2000000.

You should see a "normal" MAC address on the attached devices as the learned Root Bridge.

You will find the MLX Bridge ID under: show rtsp or (new: show 802.1w).

Hope this helps,


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